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Litecoin Foundation Establishes Wallet For Confidential Transactions & Other Tech Developments

While much of our efforts over the past several months have been focused on the critical area of mass adoption through collaboration and partnerships that drive awareness on a global scale, we are also committed to ensuring that the technology that underpins Litecoin continues to evolve and make Litecoin even stronger than it is today.

From confidential transactions to the Lightning Network, and LoafWallet, these areas require highly skilled developers and product designers. Of course, securing this talent has costs associated with it. 

As a non-profit that relies in large part on the support of our community to fund many areas of our work, we have decided to establish an LTC Wallet that will be used exclusively to fund technical developments. 

We promise to keep you updated on the progress of this wallet as well as the roadmap for these developments. If you’d like to send a donation to this wallet, here is the address:


As always, we appreciate your support and all of the tireless efforts from the Litecoin community. We are excited for the months ahead!

– The Litecoin Foundation Team




You can view the total amount of litecoin given so far.


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